Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ankeny Wiz Kid

On our ride home yesterday as we were riding down Delaware Ave by Walgreens I hear a "Get on the fucking sidewalk" remark and turn to see whom it tis. As I look the young man whom yelled is turning into Karl's Chevy.....well sweet I'll follow this bright individual in and ask why I should be on the sidewalk. As he parks I roll up and ask "Why should I be on the sidewalk?", while taking this photo of this bright BOY

he answers in a timid voice..."I don't know"....WTF?? Then say's to me "your slowing up traffic" in which I replied.."uhm Delaware is a two lane road buddy, if your to stupid to drive around me and my wife then I'm sorry, and you turned into here (Karl's Chevy)....We didn't slow you down"... With that I started to roll away..of course not before calling him a stupid dumbass....yes I stooped that low and I felt much better in doing so. When I got 2 rows of cars away he yelled something and had his arms up....tough guy you see:) The rest of the ride home was all good:) We stopped at a park and played for a little while...

Stopped at the shop so Andy could see how big Izzy has gotten, then boogied home to change bikes and head to the Taco Ride. A good night for the ride we had like 15 mates out.

the majority of us ended up at Giff's for beers and tacos. I have to say it sure is nice with no smoking in the pubs:) After a taco and a couple beers I was off for home. And did I have a surprise waiting for me...

3 gals. of some mighty fine swill. Marko's bruthernlaw is a good guy. I worked on his bike and look what he paid me with:) Purdy funny I had two beers last night after a good effort at the Center with Kent...and I was drunk...spinning drunk...damn whats up with that:)

Teri pulled the train in for today's commute...I was very greatful after yesterdays throw down:) I ate shit this morning too, was going up to the stop light to push the crossing button at Hickman & Colby Drive, pushed the button then started rolling around the poll back to the pavement when BAMB!! I was on the ground...WTH!! My front tire dropped off in a huge hole hidden in the grass....funny shit I tell ya...a monkey flip before work going 2 mph:) Oh well all was good on the ride in:)



Julie said...

No nice you can now bring your kids to a pub and enjoy good food and a beer! Cool!

kent said...

great ride last night man...i might try to swing the commuter down past denmans to get the 411 on the mud, then by the shop to grab my repaired crank bro pedals.
enjoy the ride today.

Brian said...

I freakin' love that you took a picture of the guy. You must have a holster for your camera because that's some quick photog work. I love how "tough" they always are when they get confronted. Suddenly not so much.

Nice work.

Ryan said...

Boy, don't Heather and I look like model parents... Infant in the bar! For shame! ;)

Squirrel said...

....yeah I'd better see you sinners in Church on Sunday:)


Anonymous said...

I think church is somewhere in Harlan this sunday.

Steve Fuller said...

And there will be much sinning between this afternoon and Harlan... :)

Wanted to meet up for taco ride, but the KM was in the shop and I had to pick up a friend riding in for RAGBRAI. Glad you took it to the punk in the car. Stupid people need a beat down like that once in a while.

Steve Fuller said...

Forgot to ask, are you working the booth along the route this week?

Squirrel said...

Nope Steve I'm staying home this year. Have a great and hot ride my bruthas!


The Jackal said...

Good on ya for getting Mr. Loud Mouth's mug on the web bro!!!!

jason said...

I love the Rassy logo reflection in that douche bag's window. ha. nice goin'. freakin' idiots. church in a canoe on the middle raccoon this sunday!

the original big ring said...

what a douche bag that guy was. I frigg'in hate arse hole drivers like that. I was a driver today and witnessed a cyclist cut off, not once, but twice within a half a block. Insane.
buddy looks pretty scared in that photo - wicked!

bluecolnago said...

the dumbass in the car must not have known who he was talking to, eh brother?

good job!

maybe he'll think next time.

Gunnar said...

Man, I wish I was a quick to think and as well prepared as you were. I've caught idiots like that only to flub my mouth like an idiot. Errr. It still freaks most of em out that you're willing to confront them. I've taken to carrying a MN Share the Road/Rules of the Road flier with me so that next time I can just hand it to 'em.

Noel said...

I'd say you did a nice job of staying calm. I encounter my share of arse's every week, but don't have the patience to deal with them. I'm coming to DSM in a couple weeks (August 8th). You down to clown?


gwadzilla said...

it is tough when people do not respect us
especially when we are with our families

the ignorance and the lack of understanding

today I spoke with a co-worker about how he had almost hit me a few years back and we laughed

then he went on about how he had just passed this group of cyclists who were going slow

I told him slowing down and going around the cyclist would not make a significant change in his arrival time
but not sure if I explained it so he could understand
not sure if they will ever understand

not causing traffic
part of traffic

cows get more respect on the streets in india