Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catch up Time:)

Went home sick on Friday mid morning...felt like uber shit. Couch potato for the rest of the day. Come Saturday morning I just wasn't feeling like going to the CITA work day so I bailed, ended up putt-putting with Johnny C to Adel and back....very lazy the rest of the afternoon and evening. Well I did manage to put the Surly rack on the commuter:)

My batteries just didn't have too much juice over the weekend. Sunday morning I took Bianchi for a hike through Denmans Woods for a looksee at what damage had been done. It wasn't too bad at all...lots of trees and debree is purdy much it. All the logs but a couple were gone...but don't worry we'll get'em back in:) Also picked up another mini bike for some beer drinking biking fun activities.

Sunday afternoon I had some time to finally build the spin trike....its a totally different beast to navigate:) I finally have a big wheel for the Big Wheel Rally in December:)



jason said...

I felt like I was on that spin trike when my 160 lbs buddy tried to sit in the back of the canoe with me up front. that lasted about 15 minutes. good times. beautiful commute this a.m. had to fix another damn spoke. not sure what that's all about...

Joe said...

Nice Rack!!! You're gonna love it. I've had mine on a Cross Check, K Monkey, Panasonic fixie, and now my newly acquired Big Dummy.


gwadzilla said...

cool trike!

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