Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hump Day Happiness

This is how we rolled to day care for our commute in

plant feeding..

Holy Batman....what is Teri trying to lick:)

even with this nice lane for us commuters....the fucking big trucks still hug the white line. The DOT should paint some bikes in these lanes every 1/4 mile or so to remind those ignoirant bastards....or we could just bike around and paint ourselves....renegade ninja style:)

We have a couple demo Ruby Experts at the Teri road one of them in....carbon she'll probably want to up grade:) Thats alright she would deserve it.

Our fallen brothers are expected to make full recoveries....please keep them in your thoughts.



3p0 said...

heal up soon guys,

then get your revenge by cinderblocking the windshield of the guy who mowed you down..

and then just turn it right back on him...

oh, sorry officer I didn't see his car there under my cinder block tossing, I just needed to move this cinder block from over there. to here... I didn't even notice the driver was inside at the time.

oh well, no hard fealings. he didn't see us when he mowed us down and I bounced my body off his windshield.., you can obviously see that it's a common problem...

len said...

some radical commuting pics. must be pretty sweet getting a morning commute in with your honey. every now and then i'd ride in with Tara to her work and then back home, shower, the drive into work myself. Pretty sweet.

hope your buds heal quick!