Thursday, June 14, 2007

No Commute, Preparing For A Long 3 Days

Took today off of the bike....the wind has me legs quite fatigued:) Over the last 10 days I've got close too 600 miles in on the bikes and for the next 3 days I may only get 10:) Need to get home and mow this afternoon before heading too Rasmussens for the evening. Tomorrow starts the first of 3 long days working the Hy-Vee ITU World Cup Triathlon, this will be a great event to work though. Friday & Saturday doing the sales thang all day in the Polk County Convention Center, then on Race day I'll be working the wheel pit with little bro Sean Perryman at Jordan Creek for the Amateurs. Tear down and head too downtown around 9:30am too help out with the pro's....I'll be kicking it with Bruce Neil at 10th & Mulberry, stop down for a visit and too watch.

All Cyclists are family, when one of us goes down...we all feel the pain...because we've been there or know of someone who has. Cyclists are so great of a family. I have seen cyclists from all over the world come to a brothers side (Kansas City's very own Zeke) without even knowing him, sending money for doctor bills, cards letting Zeke know we care. Cyclists Are Family I type this a tear comes too most of you know a couple of our own were tragically hit this week and now lay in hospital beds waiting a long recovery. 200 or more of you loyal readers hit this site daily whether your from our local crowd or abroad....please take a moment to sign an e-card of sorts on brutha Westy's page for our healing brothers, their families and friends. Together our compassion, prayers and love of cycling may bring some sort of comfort.

Peace & Good Day


the mostly reverend said...

thanks, bro, for the mention, and for the tip about the minneapolis situation, too.
the devil will be on the grand avenue hill sunday morning, and "somewhere" on the pro bike course.
we'll all have fun!

Anonymous said...

hopefully the devil will locate himself close to the african drummers that will be on the pro run route, all guerilla style, somewhere near east 4th street and walnut.