Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2 Local Racers Hit This Morning On Training Ride

This just in:
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Mark Casey said that two bicyclists were taken to the hospital Tuesday morning after they were struck by a car from behind.It happened around 6:30 a.m. about three miles northwest of Grimes in Dallas County. Casey said that the bikers were traveling southbound on R-30 when the car, also traveling southbound, hit them. The driver told troopers he didn't see the bikers. The driver was not injured.Each biker hit the front lights and bounced off the windshield. Both men were thrown into the ditch, one man on the east side another man on the west side. Troopers said that the injuries were serious and that one man had many broken bones and possibly internal injuries. They were both taken to a local hospital.

Troopers said they are talking with the county attorney. So far no charges have been filed.

collier schoffield and sergey motorny,
are members of the des moines cycling community,
were struck around 630 a.m. this morning,
while on a training ride near grimes,
just north and west of des moines.
first reports from friends at iowa methodist hospital
indicate that collier has suffered
"a fractured back and neck, broken pelvis, hip and arm,
and has blood on his brain.
sergey is a little better but still critical."
. . . . .
please keep collier and sergey in your thoughts,
please be careful out there.

Above words from Rev. Westy.

This is just too close to home, I'm not much of a praying man but if you are pray for these bruthas.



3p0 said...

hit them hard enought to do that, and didn't see them...

guy shouldn't be driving a car, and he should spend some time in
pound him in the ass prision

sydney_b said...


Sun's up by 6. No excuse for this driver.

bluecolnago said...

cell phone, coffee, cigarettes...?

too much multi-tasking going on in that vehicle?

that shit pisses me off. there is no excuse for it. none.

the mostly reverend said...

i spent the morning at the hospital.
talked with sergey; that boy got mugged, i tell ya.
he's gonna be one sore mofo for quite a while.
collier has a tough row ahead of him, but he is strong, determined, and is gonna be okay.
he has a great network of family and friends with him, and is going to be fine, but needs your thoughts and support.

"hit a biker, do some time."

THAT'S what this destiny tax can do.

VeloCC said...

3pO is right. This guy needs to go to prison...
That's just frecking awful!!

Did someone test this guy for alcohol??

I only know German Law (went to Law School there), but this country can't be that different.
I Germany, this guy would definitely loose his driver's license and I would would try to get him for attempted manslaughter.

jason said...

...I thought this a.m. MIGHT be a different commute with all the stuff in the media yesterday. nope. driver's get pretty darn illegial in the way they interact on the road with bikes. education is desparately lacking...

ExtrmTao said...

My thoughts go out.

cyclingdave said...

my thoughts are with riders.