Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back Alley Ways

Be sure to ride your bike in the alley ways of your city or town....this is where the good shit lay:)

rolling behind Grounds for Masterbation

Hy-Vee on MLK

want some air on your MTB this is a fun shoot....be sure too roll up to the top first...you'll be flying out into a parking lot....there could be a parked car:)

Yup.....Good Morning Alley Style.

If you clicky the photo you can see the sausage out in the fog.....I usally see a soon to be really nice buck in this area....them antlers are coming back in their velvet stage...that is so cool.

Good Day


1 comment:

2drunk2shift said...

did you stumble into heaven on the way home. LOOK at all those taps. You lucky bastag.