Monday, June 11, 2007

Riding Bikes Weekend Photo Dump

Friday's commute home took me downtown for a stop at El Bait Shop for some fine crafted beer before heading the rest of the way home with Steve. I had a couple of Z Smoked Lagers from the Fort Collins Brewery....all I can say is I thought they were damn delicious....being a country kid....I've always said if you smoke has to be good:).....I mean have you ever tried smoked corn.....Oh Yah....good shit:)

I needed a menu

Steve and I stopped at the old fire pit for a safety break

this piece will only take one more flooding like we had and it will be gone...this flood season most likely took 6 feet of soil from this area.

Supper Sammy stopped by for a couple New Castles before heading to the Wine festivities downtown....

Saturday....Sammy, Teri and I road down too Summerset Lakes to hit up the RIVERSIDE trail. Twas a killer day to get some sun and miles under the ole' fat ass:) Met up with the Monk and his cooler of Fat Tire & PBR:)Justin you truly are a saint:) We hit up some loops ( they are short right now, but hey...thats how it starts ), with some more beers....then another loop so we could start the ride back home

Teri and Sammy coming across the trestle bridge

on 105th

Teri Sue cruising up Hwy 63 to get off on 80th ave....the route was good with only 6 miles of hwy broken up into 2 three mile sections.

Gravel & Hills....yummy for the legs

nutten but comfort.....Thank You Kerkove & Ergon! These grips are simply the best I've ridden.....period....and I don't ride much.

lovely views

Cemeteries are so damn cool....I used to be a Vault Man back when I first graduated high school....I was the guy that set up the tent and chairs in the cemetery....then I put the deceased into their finial resting place and went home....purdy cool ehy:)

The destination across that hwy.....

Yummy....that was some fine ass bevies for our ride:)

Not finished yet....but if you posses some skillz you don't have to dismount to get across.....purdy much like the ole' bridges of Boy Scout Trail....3 ft. up and on....4 ft. gap to the trail....sawheat! I'm sure this will be ridealbe for all when we ride here again.

riding the tops of the slag piles....

when finished this area will be technical bliss.....

can you say Rhythm, jumps, table tops, and big ass burms.....the builders have a vision:)

So here is where things got fun....and funny.....and childish...Teri Sue had a flat as soon as we started back.....there just happen to be a abandon house up the road with some shade we boogied there for the change....while Teri was changing here tire Sammy and I were roaming the run down acreage like little side the garage we found some old golf clubs and lots of balls....hhhmmm....come to find out Sammy and I suck at golf.....I couldn't get the ball off the ground and Sammy has a wicked slice to the right:)....

watch the the ball....

after running out of balls we decided to finish off the few windows that hadn't been busted out by the high school kids that stop here to party (I'm assuming here).....damn grown up kids:) If Sammy had to rely on his ability to throw a rock and kill something......he would most likely die...Ended up with 56 miles from Teri and I's door for the out and back route with a ride time of 4:25:04.

This mornings commute....Johnny and I hit up Targhetto from Merle Hay and QT....made it all the way through.....but it needs lots of work in the form of little debree hanging all over the trail....still a damn fine morning though:)

did you get your dirt before work?:)

A froggy morning fo sho

Safety in numbers....remember that:)

Getten ER Done:)

Good Day Kiddies,



the inebriationist said...

Where oh where did you take that pic of all the tap handles? Could be the next ride destination.

Squirrel said...

Brutha Chris all you need to know is right clicky:)


bluecolnago said...

great post! looks like fun!

peace out, yo!

Mike said...


Was that house just south of the car dealerships? I grew up in Indianola and we used to have some great parties there.