Thursday, April 05, 2007

Morel Reciept....Yummy:)

From ShoominChick in Des Moines,

Got a GREAT recipe for shrooms.... clean (DO NOT CUT) shrooms, then fill with a mixture of cream cheese, jalapinos, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. (fill shroom by adding mixture to a zip lock baggie and cut off the corner of the bag and use it like a pastry frosting bag to fill the body of the shroom)-then roll in egg and then flour. Put a toothpick down thru the stem to pinch it closed-fry in deep fat fryer till golden brown and enjoy!!! the taste absolutly ROCKIN!!!

Oh so yummy sounding:)



Chris said...

Where did you learn to pick wild mushrooms. My grandpap was into that. He would go out and find things he called pipinkies or something and those big sheephead mushrooms.

thad said...

My grandfather used to take me as boy. My dad tought me how to shoot my first shotgun (410) on one of our mushroom "hunts". I grew up in Galesburg, Il and haven't run across many others that have ever done it.

Thanks for posting Squirrel, you brought some happy memories that I had forgotten back.

Mike Howard said...

Can't wait to try out the reciept... a couple more weeks and the wife and I will be spending all the extra time we have in the woods !

BikerB said...

I have ever tried to find some wild mushrooms, but failed. If you like, I 'd love to hear more details from you! :D
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Squirrel said...

Chris- I grew up hunting with the whole family:) Always a great adventure. Looking forward to taking Izzy out for the experience:)

Thad-I feel ya bro! Do you still hunt?

Mike-Always in the woods during Morel season. My buddy Pete Basso would raz me about not being on the bike until last year when he tried his first Dirty Steak:) He now understands:)