Monday, April 09, 2007

Damn...I'm Slow

Boy we really need to get the home computer up:) Lots to talk about little time to get it up in here. I was going to write a long version of Ouachita but bailed ont the idea, so here is a short version like me race:) CVO, Sydney, and Len are some cool mates to be hanging out with:) Josh & Syd are going to be a badass mofo's if they keep up this pace:) I'm completely floored at how the Badger handles and feels on the trail....this bike is so comfortable rigid....I used Robs fork while riding in Arkansas.....I will use his fork over the Switchblade....hands down a better ride...I'll pick his brian before I post a fork report on the diffeneces. The GX2 Carbon Grips rip up the trail....I LOVE THEM....riding wheelies...all good,...jumping....all good,...riding technical.....all good,....riding on the flats....ALL GOOD:) These things blew my mind also...more details to come as I get more time with them:) Which could be awhile, I've been off the bike for a week now...going to a sports medicine mate on Wed.....just for my peace of mind:) Lots of house stuff still going on so my time isn't stagnate. The weather has been blowing ass all week....flagged some trail on Sat morning with Hanser for our up coming work day....just a little piece. Need to get out and clean up Denmans as its a mess.....lots of trees down... oh well thats it go ride yer bike for a brutha whom can't right now...then tell me how good it was:)



Dicky said...

Steel is real. Carbon forks are for eating carbon spaghetti.

Squirrel said...

I hear ya bro,....but their is a steal Karate Monkey and then a STEAL BADGER:) Holy moly what a difference:)


mattonne said...

Hope your heel heals Jeffe! It won't be the same without ya Bro!

Josh said...

It was good riding with ya!

Heal-up quick!

Cornbread said...

Take care of that leg duder. I wanna see you at other races this year!