Thursday, April 26, 2007

Iowa's Fungi Steaks

132 shrooms= 5.3lbs in 1.5hrs...once again soaked to the bone but smiling the whole time:)

Steak size now....yummy:)

Craig and I will be in Browns Woods this afternoon hunting til I have to go to the shop. I believe this year is going to be so good that I'm going to have to sell some too the big food chains and make some extra jack:) If you want some morels just let me know I'll get ya some. Creeks are out all over the damn state....trails will be flooded....more work for us now. Tis Trans Iowa (flood) season ehy:)



the inebriationist said...

Holy shit! Look at that. I need to learn the art of finding morels. I've only once had the pleasure to cook and eat them.

Mike Nielsen (taco night) said...

Quite the haul you have pulled in this year. Before you go and sell them to HyVee give me a chance to purchase some.

Squirrel said...

Can do Mike...just call me 490-6239


Anonymous said...

I'll buy some.

Anonymous said...


Would you like the opportunity to talk about your Ankeny incident to 250,000 Iowans?
Call me...Dave C. 867-6354

Nick said...

I'll gladly buy some shrooms from ya. Email me at: larsonnick0 (at) hotmail (dot) com


Mike Howard said...

I had my first plate full of the year tonight...pre-T/3 meal !

Julie said...

You might have a good little business this year. I'll buy some too!
email me: or call 238-3802