Friday, April 27, 2007

Country Boys Can Survive

Nothen says country like a cast iron skillet full of Morels, a big ole' cow butt, and a cowboy hat:)

Mark up 110 more...we should have stayed in the river bottoms by Saylorville....cause BW isn't 100% yet. Lots of yellows in the bottoms but not in BW...this weekend will spark a flood a morels....I'm betting on it:) Looks like somebody wants to listen and you God damn right I want too talk about it, I'll be calling Dave this morning to see whats up. Great weather for this weekend may you all ride your asses off:) Live, Ride & Race!!


1 comment:

Pete Basso said...

That's funny!! Everytime I hear that song it makes me think of you!! I know that sounds gay but seriously, I think of you!!!