Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I WILL Be Pursuing My Legal Options

Thank you all for your comments.

Called some Lawyer buddies yesterday....I have options....I generally wouldn't do this without injury....but this dumb fuck needs to pay and learn from his mistakes....just as I have too sometimes. I will be getting a copy of the police report today....cost me $5 bucks...another WTF?? I was told too settle for damages first which his insurance company has complied too already....they called me yesterday while I was morel hunting in the thunderstorms, found 63 more, soaked to the bone and as cold as a well diggers tatter hole, cowboy hats are fucking cool in the rain:) Rain...rain...rain....make me a little happy that I'm not going to TI...cause my achillies is feeling good and I was thinking......well you know:)



Dave said...

Before you settle with the insurance company I'd have that frame looked at for cracks or a missalignment:)

Squirrel said...

Took it too the shop lastnight we'll be looking at this afternoon, I inspected it after the incident but that really don't mean shit as I'm sure with the adrenalin I could have missed something.


Joe Partridge said...


Thanks man. I linked you back.

Nothing gets me angrier than when a driver *deliberately* hits a cyclist. Don't get me wrong, accidental hits are bad enough, and I don't think they are in any way excusable. But when a driver makes a choice to hit a cyclist, that driver should go to jail. In my mind, that is attempted vehicular homicide. Getting cops and prosecutors to pay any attention is difficult.

Fight the good fight on this one! I'm very interested to see how it turns out of you. It seems like you did the right thing by not dragging the driver out of the car and beating him senseless; my guess is that would have, er, *complicated* your case at least!

Anyway, if you post the progress of your case on your blog I will follow it with interest.

Glad you walked away from the incident in one piece, btw...


Pete Basso said...

Squirrel - any chance you can talk Brian Duffy into pullng some strings to get this story in the paper when the settlement and legal mumbojumbo is complete. We might as well make a BIG DEAL outta this one and get some mileage outta of it before one of us DIES from these bone-heads. We can get CITA, USA Cycling, Jesse Jackson...(sorry getting carried away), involved and other groups to support this complaint.

Danielle said...

Squirrel-I'm glad that you are ok.

That being said, make the dumb-ass driver PAY!!!

sydney_b said...

yeah. Legal action is a good plan as is a drive to get publicity. Drivers need to understand they can't bully smaller vehicles.

Michelle D. said...

I'm glad to hear you are all right. I hope you can get the point across.

I about got hit from behind a couple of weeks ago, myself. You know how I roll, with the hot-pink frill on my helmet...if a driver is actually looking at the road, there's no way they could miss me. You'd think.

Sucks about your bike. I'd be fit to be tied. After my near-miss, I was thinking how pissed I'd hav ebeen if my little green singlespeed had been squashed into oblivion by a damn minivan.

Best of luck to you.