Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good putt-putt ride Wednesday night

Hooked up with JC at 4pm to roll Center...waited for that pussy Jordan to come and as usaul his ass didn't show up. So we rolled to Rassy's to see who all was riding Taco. The usual suspects where there. We rolled just before everyone was ready..I wanted to get at least through Denmans before turning the lights on. So JC, Taylor, Blackford and I made it through Denmans without lights but had to lite up right after that. We did the back flats then bailed out to WWP for a lap around the pavement. Taylor and Blackford bailed at the very back loop while JC and I rode to the cut through to the ball fields for a break. The plan was to go poach BW, but we didn't make it. Perhaps this weekend we can do that:) We cut across the RR bridge by Squirrels Nest and jumped back onto the trail there. A backwards Denmans and home was the new the time we got to Denmans I'd already said fuck it to that plan too...I was hungry due to JC blabbing about A-Dong. Home it was, with 15 easy miles on the legs I was happy:)


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