Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recycled Artwerks.....a piece for a friend...still working on it...

Built this fairly big Dolphin frame last year just now getting around to filling up its insides:) Should look BA when I get down with it.

Also built a workout bench for Teri and I outta an old wielderman stepper someone left at our day job. Hacked it all apart for some dumbell workouts this winter:) Need to get my damn car up and running so I can go FUCKING KILL A DEER OR TWO! Oh well money first:) Thinking maybe first snow ride will go down tomorrow if the forcast stays as predicted. Oh Boy!



Courtney said...

Sorry your going to miss the snow.... sure there is plenty of time for that. Let me know if you need help fixing your jeep I drove one for many years and know the in's and outs of fixing/afro-engineering them back to life.

Squirrel said...

its the Olds thats down, I've got it under control just need funds:O