Friday, November 19, 2010

Sycamore on Thursday afternoon

Conlan spent 1.5hrs yesterday cleaning up his Salsa, and we were riding Sycamore in the afternoon. NICE! My plan was to get it dirty again....I succeeded! We rolled from work a little after 2:30pm to meet Loushous at the North End trailhead. We were a little late but it didn't matter....we were riding bikes and all was good....hell the sun even came out. The plan was to get him into one of the puddles on the North Side...that didn't happen as I was leading. Made it to the trestle and the Salsa was still clean. Damn it! Looks like we'll take the middle section:) Almost to where you go under I80/35 it got wet and a little poopy....mission accomplished...but not how I'd planned it...damn it:)

Conlan and Lou in the middle section

Well we got even muddier going high around the work being done on the black label heading to the South Side...mission gets better but still not how I wanted it. Upon diving in on the South Side at the first big puddle JC was behind me...ok perfect time...I got up beside the puddle and just locked'm up. JC has masterful balance skillz on the bike but I caught his ass off guard and in the drink went a foot and rear tire...OK NOW I'm happy and JC is bitching at me:) WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT? Basically just for the hell of it, as is the reason I may try and fly by you on the trail splashing threw the puddle your going around and drowning ya...ITS SIMPLY IN BIG BOY FUN. That and JC has crashed/puddle stomped me more then a few times.

Shortly after that we ran into Chad then just rode home. It WAS a GREAT RIDE with Good Buds!


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