Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taco Ride was a hoot!

Got out early with Jeff Keil for a lap of Denmans before we hooked up with Jordan, JC, Eric, and Patrick. While waiting for the Taco riders Rich Wince and Kale pulled up heading to the last cross practice. Rich said he had something for it drinkable I ask...he say's yes...SWEET. Rich pulled out a huge can of AXE XXX Malt Liquir...11% alcohol. They boogied, we slipped the beer into a pocket and headed ourselves. After blazing through Denmans we stopped at the end to pop a top and taste this big O can O beer. Lets just say that was/is the shitiest fucking thing I've ever tasted. Now the plan of pay back is set in motion for our buddy Rich:)After enjoying a High Life to wash out said shitty beer taste we rolled to Squirrels Nest to hit the little jumps we built. 1st one is a high speed floater baby butt smooth too. The 2nd one needs a better line burnt in and a little more dirt in my opinion, but it launches you into a downhill tranny for another uphill jump if thats your thing. After 30mins trying to hit the back side of the hill with the teeter totter line we finially gave up to defeat. We'll be back! Rolled the rest of the Nest and over to the newly opened Rhythm. She's a whee bit slow and sandy but hey its open:) I rolled home after that skipping taco's and beers. A good day fo sho!!



Anonymous said...

worse than Steel Reserve?

Squirrel said...

way worse!