Friday, October 22, 2010

QR #2 in the books!

8 mates showed up for QR#2... a couple of the Big Dogs even came out(Jedi & Cam). I thought for sure even with the new obstacles that one of the Big Dogs would take down Neals 18:48. But it didn't happen... Jed came in 1st with a 19:04, Master Johnny Conlan took 2nd with 19:20, and Cam at 3rd with 19:30. Now we'll see what Neal throws down on this coming Thursday. I think I may go out tonight just to see what my time is as I haven't hit it yet. I'll post full results on the QR blog later today. Teri Sue even beat her last years time 23:22 on an easier course with a 23:03 on a single speed, with obstacles and she was feeling ill:) Thats awesome baby!

Full Moon upon us

Justin hanging out with the bikes

Dirty Du tomorrow, so trail work tonight and hoping for no fucking rain.


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