Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DAMN I miss my blog:)

Well obviously its been awhile.....Facebook whore you could say:) Well I miss looking back on what I've done! Jordan and I've been playing in the woods with tools and the like the last couple day's.

a new kicker in Squirrel's Nest

a sweet log over in Denmans, amongst many other fixes/logs added:)

J-Man has been a huge help in getting things done at the Center Trails this year so if you see him a beer and high five are recommended:) Jordan will be out this morning mowing up Rhythm for tonights Taco Ride. We also whipped up some stakes for cabling down the logs on the small log jam in Denmans. Can't wait to get out and throw down tonight....7hrs of trail work the last 2 nights and its time to ride that shit!



Gracejunkie said...

welcome back! missed your updates bro!

Courtney said...

You guys are awesome

Courtney said...

Finally got down to try the new stuff! Awesome jump in Squirrels nest. Is the teeter coming back?