Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Weekend.

Friday brought riding from work to Denmans with Hollander, Wince and some other fella. I tried to pass Shorty on a log over and ended up going over my bars ringing my bell a whee bit. Did all the flats then went to HillSide to scope out the work for the Dirty Du. Justin had the day off and pretty much raked the whole damn trail so I decided with that done and rain in the forcast that I'd wait til morning to see if we were a go. Went home and had a few beers with Teri Sue and called it a day.

Maharry found our little ham early in the day.

Saturday brought an early morning text from Hanser already in the woods and it wasn't even light out. Minutes later a call, and we're on for the Dirty Du. Up and out the door for some morning trail work/ marking of the race course. Not our best turn out for the Du but still not a fail either. Great day, and by the end of it I was freaking beer buzzed and starving. Should have went with the guy's to El Rey but decided on Home instead. My Ladies made it out for the whole day too which was great for the both of them. Izzy was wasted tired when we got home.

Izzy passed out on her tricker treat bucket:)

Sunday Teri and I went out for a ride. Denmans had some standing water in spots but all around wasn't that bad. RIDE THROUGH THE MUD DAMN IT! We made it to the new log over and decided Teri was going to conquor it....and to no surprise to me she did:) Saw Sedor out early on the cross bike...looked like rain all day too. I did Squirrels Nest with Teri then started to feel shitty. Went for a reverse Denmans then home. Of course Teri rode everything else while I was vegging on my ass watching football. That pretty much sums up my whole Sunday....ON MY ASS DOING NOTHING:) Taking a week or so off of the beer, damn I've been on a role. Spooky Woods will be a whee bit tough to not dip into the fun sauce....we'll see soon enough:)



Courtney said...

I'm with you on too much fun sauce. After last week with my sister in the hospital and home with the kids those beers go down so easy, I still can't skip beer after the taco ride tomorrow I don't think.

Brian said...

Cute pics of Izzy. Good to have you blogging again.

Squirrel said...

Courtney I failed:)

Brian I missed being able to look back. Me likely bloggy:)