Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Damn House Work

Well so much for not drinking:) I did manage to hold out til 6pm:) Got home Monday and went straight to work on cleaning the man cave, garage, humidifier, and pulling all the old coax cable out of the basement ceiling. I had done all of that without a man slushy til it came to running coax back to the dish outside. Once that was done I ended up at the shop looking to get a box so I could test dish alignment...ended up drinking 3 beers there. Then proceeded this by going to Gregs house for some more beers...woke up this morning with a "FUCK YOU STUPID" headache. Should have went and ran a loop through Denmans but failed to do so. More house shit tonight although no beers:) And I did check for the dish alignment...of course its not right so thats what in store for tonight.


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