Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost 40 miles and still working

Hiked another 3.2 miles today in the snowshoes, that puts me close to 40 for the season and I'm sure I'll end closer to 50. My simple fix for the cracked shoe seems to be holding up without much wear at all. Sinew is some tuff shit! Gonna be stupid cold out tomorrow so I'm not riding and to tell ya the truth I've had about as much of this fucking winter as I can stand. I'm ready for melting flood season now:) Need to get back in the garage to finish up some art stuff, as thats what will be funding my Trans Wisconsin race....ur I mean adventure:)



Courtney said...

Are you doing the race? I think it would be a lot more fun as a multi day camping/touring ride with half a dozen people just saying. I am also so so done with this winter even muddy gravel would be better than all this cold.

Squirrel said...

Courtney we are doing the race but that my friend is just the excuse for us to RIDE it. We're "thinking" 100 mile days or around that so 5 to 6 days is what we're thinking:) camping/tour:)

Joe said...

I'd like to tour it this summer some time. Maybe late summer. I wonder how close the route gets to Gnomefest... I actually have the gps file, I just haven't looked at it yet.