Thursday, February 25, 2010

Borken Snowshoe/CIRREM race Rig

Figures a day after bragging how my fix is holding up (and still is) a snowshoe would break again. This time a simple fix will work again. Upon coming out of the woods last night my left shoe was flopping around making an annoying noise. Looking at it I knew right away what had given into the usage....rubber strap broke. I'll just replace it with some 1 in. wide nylon webbing strap and call it good:) Stopped at the shop for a couple beers afterwards, got to see the new road and mtn kits...I really like the red accent on the road kits.

After a couple beers Kent stopped by the house to pick up a couple Cycle Dudes for prizes at CIRREM. I swapped skins on the fixie for the 700x32 Small Block 8's....yummy:) Rolling a 42x18 for gearing....I'm in it for the fun:) Jordan stopped over too, last coat of mud on the seams....we're now ready to spray the ceiling...another couple weeks and we should be back to normal at the Pottorff household:)

A year ago today this is how it looked outside....not so much this year ehy:)


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