Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Riding!

Took Monday off for some pooling around time with Izzy:) Tuesday I rode home from work, to work at the shop, before the deluge of rain and wind. I must have sweat 2gal. out...damn it was hot that afternoon.

Wednesday Teri and I took the day off for a ride to Martensdale and back. Walnut Creek was flowing high and way out at all the bridges. The trail was littered with a few downed trees and lots of debree. Was kinda fun bobbing, weaving, and bunny hopping around all the shit.

It was 70 degrees and very nice out in the morning:)

Walnut Creek thinking of busting out and into Denmans....

Yummy trail side snacks are ripening fast:)

A very happy Teri Sue...she took 40mins. off of her time for Matensdale and back:)

After the ride we ate, then headed to a matinee for Pelham 123, it was good, not great like "Taken" was. Picked up Izzy and headed back to the pad for some swimming again. Izzy is loving the pool, we're so happy for that seeings we have swim classes coming up this fall:) At 5pm I was thinking of the PRC ride that leaves the shop...2fer....hell why not. I'll take the Stumpy out for a play ride with the roadies. The plan was one loop and keep up with the front....I succeded:) A quick call to Giffs for Taco's, then to the shop for a beer or two. Ah! Perfect day! Hy-Vee may get wet on Saturday...this should be a long and fun weekend.



Iowagriz said...

funny how I had recently thought of riding the PRC on the MTB as well. However, my only goal would be to make it to the start of the loop before I lost contact with the group :)

fatbob29r said...

Ha, we have the same pool.... only we lack any/all shade and had to erect our easy-up to avoid the brutal sun.