Monday, June 22, 2009

130 miles over 3 hot days!

What a weekend! I only regret not having the damn energy to go and watch Freedom Riders on Saturday night after Teri Sue's BDay ride.

Friday evening I threw down a few lite miles with a shit load of beer on hand. Sammy, Suzanne, and Justin met a my place around 6:20pm for the putt-putt to down town for a ride with the IMBA folks and Iowa trail club affiliates. So I thought. I'd already opened the first growler of Pointer Brown from CABCO, one might say I was priming for a hell bent evening of beer brew hawing the down town area. Blew the dust off the Fixie as it had been a while. Upon getting to North Valley Drive my front tire exploded like a small fire arm had just been shot. Shit! Totaly forgot the 15mm....ride back to the house to swap bikes while Sammy, Suzanne, and Justin wait for me in the fucking heat. Grab the Dirty Ballooner and bolt. Of course one really can't wait that long with all that beer and not crack one open:) Sammy and Justin passed around the jug again:) We made it down to Centro's close to 8pm, as that was where everyone was at. After some bs'ing the consencous seemed that NO ONE was riding tonight. All business and no play.....yawning now, we passed around the jug til it was gone while setting at the checker board game plaza in between the down town Library and $4 Bucks Coffee. Pushing 9pm everyone was heading to Fong's, I bailed as it seemed we weren't gonna be riding any where.

Saturday was Teri Sue's Birthday Ride. We headed out for a day's easy ride up to Big Creek for a swim and back. Picked up Ray Vaughn at his place and drug him around like Bianchi's favorite toy the rest of the day:) We stopped at Latitude 41 Bar & Grill on the way up for some food and Birthday beers of course:) Ran into Austin Gill and Molly, they had ridden up and were getting their boat out for some Party Cove/swimming action. They offered us a ride for a swim, Teri declined...I wanted to choke her:) But it was her day so we rode some more:)

Teri and I at the floating pub!

Teri Sue and Steve on one of the bridges before Big Creek.

Ended up with 73 miles, a nice sunburn, a few beers, and a awesome day with Teri and Steve. We arrived at home around 5:45 still having to go and pick Izzy up from Grandma's way we're where making it to Freedom Riders night.

Sunday brought on Fathers Day and with no Sycamore TT Race it was going to be melow:)
Rick posted a ride around 10am so I bit for the putt putt.

Rick also wanted beer on Fathers Day before noon....we are such great Daddies:) He didn't have to twist my arm to hard. We sat atop the curly bridge over I80 and enjoyed our 2 beers in 1 can:) A nice 1.5hrs of black label. Teri and I then went back out for a putt putt with Izzy in tow:) We were going to hit RRP's play ground but we pulled the plug at the back side of Holiday Park thinking its too damn hot out. Stopped for a couple movies instead and kicked it inside with the AC:)

Riding home tonight then working the shop. Sycamore TT plans are in the works for something speacil....maybe. Hy'Vee Tri this weekend....gonna be a very long work week for me. Riding when I can:)



Courtney said...

You mean watching the hyvee tri not competing right? I'll be there to watch with the family and beer. Let me know what hill to hang out on.

Squirrel said...

Nope I mean working the Tri for the shop:)

Steve Fuller said...

Two days to drink this year. Pro's on Saturday and everyone else and the Pro Team event on Sunday. Courses are different for each.