Monday, July 06, 2009

Damn....catch up!

Last week trail maintenance was done...along with lots of riding. Thursday I was going to ride after work but ended up just slugging down beers with Wild Bill, Sammy, Sterling and Crash. I left at 9pm....they stayed til 12:30am....wise choice by me!
Friday afternoon Blackford and I went up to Boone for some laps. The trails are in great shape other then needed some mowing. Was Ricks first full loop action. After 3 laps the damn rain came and we called it a day.

My Saturday was a putt putt black raspberry picking ride to the Cummings Tap and back. 3/4 gallon of berries, and 4 fat tires and I was headed home to make some pie! Need to get back out so I can freeze some.

Sunday Teri Sue and I hit the gravel. Headed towards Badger Creek, took a break then headed towards the Cummings Tap....this place just calls ya when your in the vicinity:) After another 4 beers we were on our way home but not before Teri Sue had a wild crash on one of the gravel road bridges with 700x32c eating capabilities:) She is ok just some bruises:)

Just a lovely shot of Iowa! And this isn't the bridge:)

Ended up meeting Sammy and Tomlin at the safety shack on our way back home, they had beer and all the required safety equipment needed to get us back home. I may get out and ride tonight. Maybe a Booneville gravel to Booneville and back...something light. Tuesdays and Thursday nights are on for me I have to get my shit together...2 months til 24hrs of Seven Oaks. I'll be NOT having beers at close instead I'll be drinking up gravel or Center for a couple hours of fast paced fun. Meeting at the shop 7pm. If your looking for a party ride this week I would highly suggest the Tunnel Ride out to Cummings Tap and back!


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