Monday, January 26, 2009

CIRREM Single Speed and Geared trophies

Started making some trophies for the Central Iowa Rock Road Enduro Metric Race this weekend. Ended up with the crossing swords as we will be battling each other and the conditions:) I will be doing this race as preparation for the Almanzo 100. Cam called me on Sunday for a throw down at Big Creek...the trail was perfect for first time all the way around. After 2 hrs of chasing Cam I was whooped. Snow shoeing with Johnny today at lunch....just to good to pass up the exercise:)



bluecolnago said...

sweet trophies! the ole chin whiskers are a little white, buddy! :)

Buckshot77 said...

shoeing was perfect out at RRP yesterday AM too. Might have to drag the MTB up to work Wednesday and hit big creek after.

kc said...

prepare yourself for battle!

Squirrel said...

I'm trying Kent....although I thinks its going to take all this year and some of next before I'm ready:)


kc said...

i doubt i'll do cirrem since i need to run the show. but we'll see.
babies are weird...they tend to take up time...=)...haven't been riding as much as i want to...which might lead to more organized bike rides than racing. ;)