Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frozen.....not so Frozen

Johnny and I hike up to Ankeny's Waste Water Treatment Plant yesterday on our snow shoe hike. 4 Mile Creek is flowing down stream of the plant but is good and frozen up stream....today we go up stream. The Geese, Teals and I believe Malards are digging the warm water as they didn't want to fly away. Teri and I are planning to ride the Booneville gravel loop this Saturday...leaving Rasmussen's at 10am....I may or may not atempt a hundy with this ride. I will be riding a full set of gears....420 Express is wanting some action this year.



Buckshot77 said...

Mmm, doubt I'll be doing a hundy, but I should be there to at least get some Booneville action for a couple hours.

Iowagriz said...

Headed out for a hundy on Saturday. 7am, not sure if the 1st leg will be Booneville to Redfield or Granger to Woodward. I've heard of others that are interested as well.