Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2fer Tuesday!

I so want this SWOBO T. Just what I need is another cycling tshirt...really though I do need this one:) CITA meeting was good last night quite a few folks came out to give ideas and jump on board for helping with projects. THANK YOU AGAIN! My main goal for CITA in 2009 will be coming up with some events so that we can raise money for a tool trailer...something in the 8'x12' range, enclosed and new preferably unless we find a really good deal somewhere out there. We've been storing our tools, mowers, wheel barrows, weed eaters, etc. at Rasmussens for years now. Thank you Greg! It's time we get everything in one trailer so we can just hook up and roll to the location where the dirt lover's are playing that day. The ride home yesterday was good a little windier then what I thought....I'm sure its just me being weak as hell right now. So today has a luncheon with snow shoeing 4 mile creek in it along with a ride home on the long route.


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the mostly reverend said...

that's an EXcellent shirt, man. do they come in children's sizes?