Monday, January 19, 2009

Jalapeno pickles...mmmm!

A few weeks ago I wanted to try to whoop up some jalapeno the idea from drinking Bloody Mary's at Sully's Pub. Seemed simple enough and I love pickles and the warming of a good jalapeno. The plan was simple....fill 3 jars with pickles and jalapeno's then do the juice dance. Jar #1 was all jalapeno juice..and I thought for sure would be the hottest. Jar #2 was half jalapeno and half pickle juice. Then of course Jar #3 would be staight up pickle juice. I let them bask in their new mixtures for a couple of days before the taste test. It turns out that Jar #3 was the hottest and the other two were a nice and pleasant warming. Riding home today then its off to the CITA meeting tonight at Caribou Coffee...6pm.


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Nick said...

Try the Hy Vee brand Hot and Spicy pickles. They are my favorite.