Friday, November 07, 2008

Tis a Good Day 4 Stalk Hunting:)

A lite snow is falling and all I can think about is being out there all day looking for the Bucks! Gonna be a great afternoon with the cold, wind and hopefully more snow flurries coming down for a slow moving stalk hunt. The rain has softened up the ground/cover so stalking with the wind in my face should be best for today. In biking news I went over too Kyles Bikes for lunch yesterday to see what this cycling league is all about. I jumped on the Elite Real Power CT Trainer and Kyle put me on a 2 mile course just to see what it was like......very cool and they can go all the way up too a 20% grade....can you say granny gear kids....they are also around $1900 bucks of cool:) So that puts owning one out of my league! Without a very hard effort I did the course in 6mins and change....I hear the record so far is.....well I can't tell ya:) Be sure to check out the Cycling League link...thats all I know for today.



Anonymous said...

I rode north today, from my house, and snaked around from WDSM until I wound up on the Billy Riley via the new connector through the old science center trail.

Anyway as I was up between Des Moines and Saylorville...thought of you as I saw the biggest buck I have ever seen this big ol' boy had a rack that was a hunter's dream. I wasn't 25 feet from him and would have had a great shot of chest as he was postured such that he would have fallen in his tracks.

Have a great week-

p.s. I was on Andy Leuck's website and was reading his Spooky Cross Report when my four year old says "dad why is that man not wearing any pants?" answer was "son sometimes people do things, things that seem...weird-this is one of those times"



hellow from catalonia, Barcelona.
you have a good blog!!!

freebike!!! xavi " maasai "