Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 Days on the Bike...

Monday I took a half day and road with Teri in the woods. We then came home and raked up all the leaf's in the back yard for Izzy to play in. Lots of mates out on their lunch breaks on Monday and Tuesday (which Teri and I took off)...we saw....Cam, Jedi Jed, Kristen Reece, Kim Hopkins, Elaine, Neal, Jim & Sally Logan, Chris Maharry, Rob Verstegh, Steve Parvi and a few that I didn't know. I sure hope everyone else got out on Monday and Tuesday:) Last night Johnny Conlan, Govner and I hit Squirrels Nest and looped it up with 6's now burnt in purdy good and the sandy area is getting much better. Hats off too Talyor Webb and Kyle Sedor for dragging the planks over and making a couple long skinnies....we had a good fun session there too! Time for me to get back in a tree stand this weekend and see if I can find me some sausage....the rutt is on!


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