Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Kicking...

The hunt is on hard seeings I was out for the whole month of October. Shot a nice buck @ 4:55pm on Friday the 7th...just not a kill shot. 10mins later the BIG BOY came by as I was coming down the tree with my bow on the ground. He is definately a wall hanger..the one I shot was just a decent buck. I saw 6 nice buck that night. Came back out at 8pm to find him...spooked him up...damn it! I hope he stay's in the woods...I thought to myself. Back out 6am Saturday morning thinking I may have a chance at a doe before starting the tracking process. No luck saw one little 6 point. Long story short....I searched the whole wooded area 100yrds x 400yrds and didn't find my buck. I hate that! Two large tall grass fields on the North and South side of the way was I finding him in those.
Went back out Sunday morning....windy and very cold. Only sat for an hour and half, saw 1 nice buck and a little spike, the nice buck was in my 30yrd lane, but my bow was hanging up and my hands where in my damn pockets....thats how cold I was and it helped me miss yet another chance and a nice buck.
Monday night I set up in the same woods where I shot Friday buck, just about 70yrds away in a different tree....I saw nothing. Back out last night same set up as Monday, one decent buck came out at 4:30pm in my 35yrd lane....I could have shot but decided to wait for something bigger....that and I don't want to track the next buck...I'll be waiting for the right shot more trying to thread the needle shots.


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