Monday, November 03, 2008

Holy Cow....What a Weekend!!

Thanks to all that came out to the Spooky Woods Ride, 70 mates had one hell of a time:) QR was good, and mini bikes were awesome, but the Jack O' Logs were the best!

Hommie Fall Fest looked to be awesome as well. HFF went down on Saturday up in Minneapolis....Teri and I were in no shape to go this year. If you've never been I highly suggest it. Gene and Hurl....these two know how to fucking throw a party!

Dirty Du was a hoot on Sunday, awesome turn out. My photo will come later. Great day today and tomorrow, then you'd better get the dirt in while its warm and dry. I'll be out this afternoon!



Justin said...

love the pic of everyone congregating w/ the jack-o-log burning in the background... glad you called Friday a.m. w/ hollow logs on your mind...

Buckshot77 said...

Thanks to Squirrel, Justin, and everyone else who put in the effort for a great party!