Monday, October 13, 2008

Roller Coaster work day

A kick ass work day on Saturday. I volunteered to take on the big dipper project, obviously with my broken wing i wasn't going to be much help.
Chad and Jeff were eager to help knock it out so i could get back to resting. All in all a great turn out....with roller coaster being back in fast track condition. i foresee a RC point 2 point throw down.....short, sweet and fast.

why didn't we fix this? whoops.



bluecolnago said...

who's the hottie in the orange dress in your header pic? is she old enough to date? :)

have a good 'en, buddy!

Steve Fuller said...

Good times on Saturday for sure. We got a LOT done for sure. I think Andy wanted to go get one of the bridges out of J11 to fix that spot in your photo. At least there's some armor in the middle of it so it won't wash out as bad.

Andy said...

Steve is correct, we haven't yet recovered the bridge of Riley trail. But I see it getting done before Nov. 2, just need a handful of guys and about an hour.