Friday, October 17, 2008

Being injured is a Crapper!

I could also say it sucks being right handed, having my right wing injured, and having to wipe my ass with my left hand. Funny you think.....give that shit a'll know right away if your ambidextrous or not:) Teri and I took Izzy to her first tumbling class last night at Walnut Creek was good to laugh at all the kinds have a great time. Should be able to start working my bad wing back into shape this weekend....hoping to be able to shoot my bow again by November....only time will tell. Have a great weekend.



Joe said...

been there, done that... After breaking my right hand at my first Homie Fall Fest in 2000, I found out just how hard butt wipin' is left handed. Get well quick bud.

the old bag said...

Never thought about the need to be ambidextrous!

Hope you're healing well. Bummer about the bike too!