Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner:)

Along with some Red Box entertainment for the day. Thanks to all the well wishes, Big Thanks to Jeff Madison for that 6'r of Fat Tire, and RayVaungh for offering to mow the yard, then there is brutha Greg whom offered up a replacement steel steed. I love all you guys!! Sleeping sucks right now but this isn't going to last all that long. Now I sure hope to see some of you at tomorrows work day on Roller Coaster...if I can make it with bumps and bruises others should be able to come out for at least and hour. Time to lay back and relax:)



Buckshot77 said...

Shoot me a call/text if you want me to swing by and give a lift over to the work day.

Godfather Marco said...

Shared a 1554 with Hanser tonight - said you were 'enjoying' your 3-square meals ;)

Take care bro - enjoy the downtime with the fam!