Friday, August 22, 2008

Targhetto ride from Wednesday...

Fish Camps lure tottem tree

water is low, but I bet the striper bass are bitting:)

flood debree off of the levee.....those look to be brand new triple tractor tires and its a set......ebay.....or obstacle:) there happens to be a lot of debree that coulb be used as obstacles along beaver creek.....hhhhmmmmmm:)

off of thee "closed" tressel shit.....briliant!

I want a toy like this:)

Teri and I commuted in today been awhile. Trial work on Denmans tomorrow 4pm no matter what. If its raining we just won't mow anything, but we can still cut logs out and move debree off the edge of the trail for mowing. Meet at the pump station or thee entrace too Denmans.


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