Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good Morning

A fine commute in this morning....a perfect 60 degree's when we left the house.

Izzy seems too think its early.....she's almost always a sleep by the time we get too daycare. When we roll by the shop though she's yelling "bike shop, bike shop".

Ever since the waters have went down to a reasonable level Teri and I've been seeing this little older fella. He's riding to Sycamore Access to fish....he's always happy, but doesn't seem to know any english.

We went out last night to catch some lightning bugs for Izzy to play with. Izzy wasn't the only one amazed by their lighting up. Bianchi sat there and clawed at the jar for a good 30mins, with Izzy just laughing.

Taco Ride tonight 6pm....HillSide and Roller Coaster via Dirty Express and thee Connector Trail. I'm not sure if I'll be there, maybe at the shop for a beer. We have to pack up the goods we're taking to Boone this weekend for Grandma's B-Day.


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Steve Fuller said...

Before 100th was closed earlier this spring, I used to see that guy riding up the hill towards Horizon Elementary every morning. Always a smile on his face, and just plugging along coming up the hill. He always returned a wave to me when I waved at him. I can't wait for 100th to open up so I can see him again in the mornings.