Monday, June 09, 2008


Teri and I are starting our 2nd week of commuting Izzy into daycare and then on into work for us. We purdy much don't get hasled by anyone...although there is always the one or two assholes....during the week. Thats ok, cause I'm as happy as could be. I think we're going for 3 days a week for sure now....its just too damn much fun before work:)

73rd and Hickman...the one thing about riding the damn steets is all the lights on our route don't even change for us, with the exception of NW 62nd and Beaver. All the lights work properly when we are with traffic but not alone. SO IF YOU SEE ME RUNNING A RED LIGHT...KISS MY ASS CAUSE I'VE SAT HERE FOR MORE THEN ENOUGH OF MY TIME. We may have to send Teri up too the light itself to hit the fucking cross walk button.....cause I don't want to give us cyclists a bad image:)

NW 62nd by Pioneer....Beaver Creek is more then full:(

Jane flying the black flag....while mother nature was bringing in a whole nother black in the backround.

Worked the Copper Creek Tri this weekend...Saturday was all good at thee expo....Sunday mornings race day on the other hand....well lets put it like this....thee only race'n I saw....WAS FOR COVER! Looks like the next 3 days are rain free....what are we too do?:)



Buckshot77 said...

We're going to frickin ride, that's what we're going to do! You thinking about hitting up TNWC tomorrow night? I'm planning on it.

jason said...

sweet as shit my friend. I'm going through town with all the water... it is actually about 1.5 miles shorter, which I'd rather do the full 10 miles each way, but that's easy enough to fix. happy riding bro!

Squirrel said...

Rick...I work at the shop on Tuesday night so no TNWC. I'm going to do the Ritual Ride on Wednesday if Teri doesn't want to go.

Jason, I miss seeing you in the morning...... you sexy thang:)


Noel said...

I'm hanging up your gas pump photo up in my garage. Fuckin' awesome.

Steve Fuller said...

Rode 86th in this morning. Some dipshit at the station on the corner of Meredith and 86th yelled at me to get on the sidewalk as I was heading south at 21 MPH. Think I was going a little faster than the 8 MPH sidewalk speed limit. I just waved and kept riding :)

Anonymous said...

Jane = Hawt!!!

Iowagriz said...

I saw this thread over the weekend. Made sense to me as a way to defeat the lights that don't see us.

capn cowbell said...

I agree as to the gas prices. I just drove back to NE from NH. Gas was as high as 4.39 in places. I think we are in for a rough year.

shockstar said...

congrats on the increased committment to commuting. its easy to take it for granted living in decorah...super easy town to live by bike in, although i just built my only geared bike (3spd internal/coaster brake) for pulling junior to daycare. keep smiling as you pass the pumps on your way.

Linux_is_next said... - great you fuck the big oil we do too !:)