Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Mad As Hell and I Ain't Gonna Take it No More!

Cruising Colby Drive...

Are you fucking kidding me...all this bullshit that gets thrown onto cyclists about not obeying the fucking traffic laws....well if YOU feel the need to say any of that shit too me your going to get a BIG FUCK YOU! On this mornings commute I saw more fucking car traffic violations than I could count.....nobody says shit about that. If the van that passed Teri, Izzy and I on NW 54th (which we're on for 300yrds) in a no passing zone, speeding, easily within arms reach, cutting us off all the while placing his/her, ours and the fucking on coming cars driver at risk of an accident if they would have stopped I would have went fucking balistic on that mother fucker! Then there is the dumb chica that backs right out infront of us on NE 70th in Carney....after making eye contact with me before doing it. Like I'm gonna fucking stop, I have the fucking right of way. So of course she got a BIG FUCK YOU this morning too. And is lucky that I didn't punch her damn hood when it was a foot from me!
But other then that it was all smiles:) Looks like the next 4 or 5 days are going to be very interesting around Des Moines as we're slowly approaching the flood of 93's record level at Saylorville Dam. Water is just about too swallow up the parking lot at the Northern Trail head for thee Targhetto Trail as of this morning. If I can talk Greg into letting me work tomorrow instead of tonight I think Teri and I will see just how close we can get too the Dam by bike as they are closing roads down around the area as of yesterday. Should be very interesting what the City officals and Hy-Vee come up with for the Tri in two weeks. I see only one option....swim Easter Lake, ride from there too downtown for a few laps of the streets that won't be flooded, then do the run...simple ehy:)I just love the title...."How do we top last year":)

One Eye...seen this morning off the black label just off of NW 62nd and Beaver Creek which has risen at least a few feet since yesterday.

Who can tell me the County song and Band of the title lyrics too this post?


Buckshot77 said...

Hey man, let me know if you get the night off and what time you'd be headed to the dam. If I can make the time work, I might be interested in doing that versus TNWC. I'd love to check out the water levels. It sounds like it's pretty close to the mile long bridge as well which might be worth the extra miles to check it out too.

Chris said...

Charlie Daniels - Simple Man


jason said...

I hear ya brother. now that I'm forced off the trail, the shit is a whole lot worse. that looking at us then STILL pulling out in front of us drives me fucking nuts! the passing bullshit is really annoying when I'm GOING OVER THE 25 SPEED LIMIT for christ sake!

stay safe my friend.

rg said...

i think that that snapper only has 1 front leg too! Tough bastards arent' they!

Buckshot77 said...

I can't say as I've ever seen a combination of the ole one eye and a snapper.... until now.

Steve Fuller said...

NW 54th is full of idiots, as is 128th street. I miss my 3 mile jaunt down relatively untraveled 100th street. :( Just as a big FU to everyone tonight, I rode 100th from Douglas clear up to NW 54th tonight on my ride home from after work cocktails. Odd thing is, no one had any issues with me doing that.

I say swim at Moffitt and make them ride part of the loop we use for the Ritual Ride on Wednesdays, then run down the trail and finish at Cumming Tap. :) All those pros did last year was sit in a pack and draft like they were in a long ass crit. They need some hills to bring on the burn. :)

Buckshot77 said...

I thought drafting was illegal in triathlon? I agree the soccer hill and 42nd street hills would give them some pause.

I forgot about Maffitt being an option. I can't think of any other places locally that aren't currently flooded though I would bet more on Easter lake since it can still utilize any part of downtown that isn't flooded, plus it's closer to population density.