Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long Weekend...

Hy-Vee Tri was all good...at least for me:) Friday and Saturday were kinda boring with the Expo...just hanging around selling goods. Something really needs too happen here to get a little more organized....lots of time just sitting on yer ass waiting for people to show up. Race day was awesome, while I wasn't on the hill yelling and drinking I was at the turn around on Grand Ave helping anyone with mechanicals or flat tires. And sure enough the very first person too the turn around....I believe his name was Palmer made the turn and then his seat just fell off. Now I don't know about you out there but how the fuck does your seat fall off in a race. My God people touch your damn equipment! A couple folks litterally fell over trying to make the 22' turn around....I won't even go there. I did pump up a few tires too, other then that the turn around was purdy un eventful. Tried to take photos of everyone I knew or was flying the Black Flag. I was brought too tears when local buddy and our lovely Oakley Rep.

Rob Verstegh came by pulling a disabled brutha in a trailer on his first Tri. I don't know the whole story but the mate being pulled looked to be haveing the time of his life. As soon as I saw Rob pulling the trailer it reminded me of the Hoyts its just truely amazing what folks will do for others...I love it! The wheel pit for the Pro's was uneventful...Steve Fuller and I just sat and drank a few beers.....(Thanks Bratzy)and watched the comedy show of volunteers. Then I just went home and vegged after a long weekend:)

Speaking of Robby....he has a night time gravel hundy going on this Friday here's the info.:)

you're all invited to a lil' ride i have planned. i need to get ready for that little hundred mile bike race in colorado later this summer. please pass along/post on blogs/etc. and PLEASE join me. who's in???

next friday, june 27th i'm gonna get a gravel century in at NIGHT. leaving ankeny between 7:30 and 8PM. there's an event, 'ankeny unplugged', that i thought we could meet at. starts at 5. bring the family to hang out beforehand if you're so inclined. we'll leave from there when the music is over. route will be VERY simple, and easy for guys to bail if/when they need to. we'll ride from ankeny to ames via gravel, get some food somewhere in ames, and ride back. that'll be about 70ish miles. then we'll get some food in ankeny and head BACK north to slater (or thereabouts) and back to ankeny for our last 30 (or so) miles.

i've chosen a flat, easy to follow route so that A)no one gets lost, B) it's easy for guys to cut out whenever they want and C) i'm too lazy to search for a safe nightime route....

my hope is to get it done with time for guys to get home, take a catnap, and still have a productive saturday of T-ball coaching, work, bike kollective volunteering or whatever else your saturday entails.

let me know your thoughts and who's coming...........


Rob Versteegh
Oakley Iowa
515-491-8679 cell
515-289-0330 office
515-289-0550 fax


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rg said...

Thanks for the Team Hoyt comment. I had never heard of them. Inspirational to say the least!