Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awesome Commute

Commuting don't get any better then this mornings. Being able too keep the smile on yer face and not let the couple assholes get to thats the shit:) Looks like I'm doing Robs night time hundy....although I'll most likely be closer to 200 miles when my day is done. Teri, Izzy and I will be commuting in Friday morning then going back and picking up Izzy going back home swapping bikes and riding back up too Ankeny for the gravel hundy:) And when we're done I'll be riding my ass back to the Valley Junction and passing out:) Saturdays bridge party for CITA and our beloved Center Trails is at 9am....I think I'll be late but I'll be there:)

Peace Kiddies!!


jason said...

you da effin' man! saw JC again on my commute home. did you get my email about canoe trip? long shot, I know, but thought I'd see if you two wanted to go, too... damn I love two day canoe trips over there. have fun and stay safe my friend.

Steve Fuller said...

Muddy Iowan instead of Dirty Kanza? I might be up for the nighttime hundy... still debating.