Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kid Rock this Afternoon!!

Besides receiving free tickets the only thing that could have made this a better day for me would have been if Kid Rock was playing with Hank Williams Jr. I dig the Kid and love Hank, put them together and I believe it would be an unforgettable party on stage. Teri and I road in this morning from daycare, then riding too the show in Water Works park. Today is also the Ride Of Silence if you don't have plans, you should go.

last night I found meself over at thee Hanser residence starting the construction of thee bridges too be placed at Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park. Justin, Crash (Rob), Hanser and I.

Crash brought over this vintage skill saw...anyone have a guess or perhaps know how old this thing is?

Teri Sue in the bottoms this morning..

a large family of Duckies....Izzy would have loved seeing them.

Love birds:)

Peace and Good Day


Buckshot77 said...

Let me know if you guys need that bridge hauled down this weekend as I'm planning to hit the work day and could load it in the truck *as long as there's still room for the bike* ;)

That skill saw looks to be late 50's early 60's vintage. I rode in today too and the legs are still a bit heavy from this weekend. Should be fun to burn them off tonight. You guys still doing a little of the taco ride before heading to Waterworks?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the show. I've seen the Kid a few times and have always had a good time. Not as much fun as the time I saw Bocephus but that's another story.

And the saw looks like a 1960's model to me, as it is quite similar to one my uncle has that I have put to use many times.


Squirrel said...

Rick....I believe so:)

bluecolnago said...

that saw has been around awhile, brother. longer than you! have fun at the concert!

jason said...

nice to see you two love birds on the trail yesterday afternoon! after poking fun at your mechanical issues, at 10pm I went to change some batteries on my lights and found my front tire flat as a pancake. patched it, patch blew. only other tube I had a patch already, but was good. aired it up, tightened the bolt on the valve and the damn thing was cracked. serves me right! ha. see you soon my friend.