Friday, May 23, 2008

Coast King Dirty Ballooner

After my first trip to Crested Butte back in 97' I and 8 of my buddies came home with a fat tire cruiser lust. Those of you that have been know what I'm talking about....almost every yard has 5 or more of these heavy steel steeds in it.

along came a free Coast King from a junkyard in Boone, Iowa. Hanging on the the fence all I had too do was get it down and ride it to my Aunts house....purdy damn cool. I need to find some original photos before I primered it up.

a little bored yesterday so...

I swapped some old parts to create thee Dirty Ballooner.

48x22 rolling goodness:)

Went out for a putt-putt last night on Standard J-11. Work on thee newest piece of black label seems to be going slow. Good news you can still ride it.



Joe said...

Way cool!!! No coaster brake??? Fixed or free? Here's a link to a pic of my dirty cruiser from 8 years ago.

1960 Murray with 2 seat posts welded together. I took this to my first Homey Fall Fest in 2000 and broke my hand 5 feet from the parking lot. Rode all day with a broken hand, drove home, then rode the bike to the ER.


Squirrel said...

Lovely paint job on that fine ass rig Joe! Freewheeling the back end right now....going to go fixed as soon as I find the right rim. Running the MOTO front brake set up too. Funny you brought up HFF the KING will most likely be heading that way this year:)


Buckshot77 said...

Now that's a kickass fat tire machine man.

EXPO Racing said...

I Vant Wan!!!


Justin said...

very hot Squirrel... been thinking about putting some knobbies on my fatty...

Ryan said...

Just one more posting up a "dude, nice bike" comment ;)

Thanks again for joining the 'bridge party', too.

See you in the morning!

fortyonethirty said...

fat tire fury!!! I love my 63' schwinn tiger.