Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Images from Memorial Weekend

Sunday Teri,Izzy and I tooled around town on thee black label from park too park...a very busy day on the trails. Saw the Maharry clan along with the Lebeda's.

Teri getting too be a little kid again...

swinging gives me the butterflies in me belly like you would not believe..

Izzy playing in the back yard..

Teri and I got in a nice 40 mile ride around the city's black label on Monday....this is a new piece that will connect Merle Hay Road too 86th st via NW 70th by Camp Dodge. Johnston is on it mates!



jason said...

sweet pics from the weekend! trail was clear this a.m. somebody must be workin' overtime clearing trees! thanks for the warning! have a day... looks like wet ride home, too. damn rain.

bluecolnago said...

izzy is getting cuter everyday! :) what a sweetie!