Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Damn Weather..

Stayed home yesterday with the girls....could've went in but we stayed:) Had some ink scheduled for 2pm....Dan called me with the was tough not to go somewhere else....I love Dan but when I get a jones for the needle I'm like a junkie looking for the next rush...I kept it cool and didn't have anyone else slinging on me. We watched movies all day, bought some new tires for thee olds...and I researched ink, played with Izzy....a great day for sure.

A couple new and cool links for Des Moines

Cap City Scrambles a new place for those local fixed gear girls and boys, races coming soon.

Iowa Gravel a place for you to find local and not so local gravel routes too throw down on.

Very warm weather coming this weekend 40's.....



Steve Fuller said...

Hour of black label after work last night. Trails have been cleared of snow so there's nothing but ice to ride on in a lot of spots. Stuck to the streets after that. Still felt good, and I still need a different seat.

Squirrel said...

better get on it bro, warm weather coming:)


devin said...

Damm hundy sounds like a good bit of work....Hope our paths cross this summer I keep my eye on the iowa races and rides going to give decora a shot. ride fast and take chances.

Steve Fuller said...

getting it changed out by Saturday fo sho. Headed downtown for some Kollective work. Will be a good black label ride.