Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturdays Hundy.....Not Epic but rather Brutal!!

8 of us (Scott, Sammy, Dennis, Tom, Jason, Steve, Rick, and I) met at Hy-Vee on University and 74th....threw down some greasy viddles then saddled up to an 8 degree morning for a gravel hundy. Not even out of the parking lot I have my first mechanical. My rear skewer busted....damn good thing I carry and extra just for the hell of it:) Fixed and we're rolling....damn it was fucking cold....didn't get my figures warmed up till we hit the gravel of 142nd.

This piece of gravel was beat to shit from the previous days sunshine mixed with a copious amount of traffic. While it was only 3 or 4 miles long....thinking that we were going to be coming back into town on this when the days high temps reached just above freezing was not a very warming thought. Just before our 1st stop in Granger on a slight downhill in the middle of nowhere sat 2 Bald Eagles in a huge Oak tree along with a crow..always wonderful to see thee Bald Eagles out.

After our brief stop in Granger it was on too Woodward, while rolling along just before Woodward I happened to see a couple bikes in the ditch along with a crap load of other farmer junk....too bad thee bikes where actually junk as I was hoping for a good FREEGAN find. At Woodward Tom, Jason and that pussy Sammy (yeah I'm doing a hundred) turned around heading back to Des Moines. While the rest of us Scott, Dennis, Steve, Rick and I would push on. We were making good time with the southern wind blowing are asses on too Ogden.

On this section of gravel was to be thee only level B road on the route...and it was more of a drifted road today. G ave would prove to be thee most boring 10 miles of straight, wide open, boring ass gravel for thee day. Off G ave and we're on a small piece of black label in headed into Ogden for lunch.

The first place we found was BK's....they had beer signs....perfect. We were the first customers in and we pretty much made ourselves at home. I shit you a public restaurant, stripping wet layers off, running around barefooted as if we were getting ready to kick back in the recliner for an after ride beer, stretching using chairs, walls, and floor space, all our shit hanging off/taking up 3 six seater tables. Just like wheres my beer damn it:) Tacos for all.....we chowed in between chugs of water, coke and beer.

When we left BK's it had warmed up quite abit and thee roads were starting to let us know. From here we would venture west looking for X X it was around 7 miles straight south into the wind. We regrouped for a minute here at thee intersection waiting for Rick whom was hurting a little bit...along with Fuller who was rambling about sores/rubbing in areas that shouldn't be. On ward young men...this piece sucked ass as it was all one could do too go 7mph.

Stopping again at X ave & 270th we wait patiently for one gets left behind...when he rolls up...

he's rolling his granny gear...yup it sucked that bad for Rick...he stops....then pulling out his keys giving them too me and saying to us all when you get back to Hy-Vee, call me then come and get me for I may be dead in a ditch:) I grabbed the keys knowing the only way Rick was getting back to town was with us under his own power:)

We battled onward fighting the now sloppy ass thawed roads...our next regathering would be this cool old Fairview Chuch.

Once again waiting for our new good buddy Rick to bless us with his presence, we check out thee old church...inside and out:) I'm not much of a church goer but in general they are absolutely bueatiful inside...even little ol' country ones. I believe this is where Fuller jinxed himself by taking the holy water from the fridge, then proceeding to come out like he was born again making jestures of kicking all of our asses home:) Rick rolled in and we moved along to Perry which was 4 miles ahead....Dennis and I got way ahead in these 4 miles, as we roll into town we headed for Lisa's pub for another break that is....with conditions like today you God damn right I'm having a few beers:) Made the call to Scott letting them know where we were. 10 mins. later they showed up...Fuller looking like crap'ola....he'd done the dirty deed, calling thee wife to come and save his areas or he may never be sitting again.

Now down to 4 riders we get too rolling the last 27 miles home...but not before stopping at Caseys in Perry to refuel with some greasy goods. While there I make the offer to Scott I'll buy a sixer if you carry it...he agrees:) Hee,Hee,Hee:) Preparing to walk 142nd's muddiness while drinking our beers. What we forgot about was the stop in Woodward so we didn't need sixer of beer:) Basically Scott carried the extra weight for training purposes only:) Once at Woodward...I cracked one open to lessen his load....but we weren't goint to have too walk as it was getting dark and the cold was doing wonders for our once peanut butter roads:) One more stop in Granger at Caseys and it was 10 more long miles to home. On this piece we had thee only almost crash....but Sumpter and his 4 beer cat like skillz pulled it out and stayed on two wheels. It was a long ass ride back too Hy-Vee and Rick didn't have to get picked up:) Good job Rick. Hell great job to all of us!! Next up is who wants some more peanut buttery goodness?

More photos here and here



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Buckshot77 said...

You bastard, just led me on like a prom date, didn't you!


jason said...

sweet goodness! looks like an awesome time. you ridin' this week? couldn't today ... damn tax appt. after work. I'll see when the snow quits. either tomorrow or wed I'm back on the trail.

Tom said...

Dam, what time did you guys get back to the hy-vee? As Sammy, Jason and I rode home it was already getting soft. I had a feeling it would be bad for you guys. I thought it might stay good for you up north.

the mostly reverend said...

well dones, kids.

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damn squirrel, you are certifiable! ;)

sounds good.

brother of jackal got some new ink.... it's on my blog.

keep smilin'!