Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Dull Weekend for Riding..

Starting to whoop up some artsy fartsy schwag for Scott Baryenbrunch...some of you may remember him from when he lived here in our he's back in Wisco. flying thee trailbuilding colors true....we did some country bartering.....custom bike schwag for beer and race entry fee.....thats some purdy cool shit if'n your into that kinda thing.

Went down too thee home town this weekend to get thee taxes done.....spent time with all of me family down there. Mom, Step Dad, Dad, Grandma, and Uncle Mort...whom used to own thee above photo, but traded her in for

this sawheat keg hauling thee ole white one sits in me garage waiting for a make has too have a trike in thee collection ya know....just ask Thee Rev. he knows.

On thee Cup O' Dirt Hundy front we may be leaving this weekend instead of is looking to be decent for this weekend. Stay tuned as I'm not sure of the day we'll depart but here is a look at the route that Tom came up with for this installment of gravel goodness. If things turn for a bad weekend we still have next weekend to knock out thee hundy for February:)



jason said...

oh, you know how I love utility in cycling. that Mover is b-a-d-a-s-s!

I think commute is in order on Wednesday for me.

Buckshot77 said...

Damn, that route loops back on itself so many times our heads will be spinning. Ahh well, should be fun. I should be good either weekend as of right now. Winter boots will get here this week so I'm off to order up some heavier wool socks right now.

chris hansen said...

is that trike a worksman. hmm sure looks like one. i ride one of those babies everynight at work and have access to all the parts you need.... cause im always fuckin crashing it.... that'll be a fun little project. i've rebuilt mine about five times now hahaha

Squirrel said...

Chris- yup they both are Worksman Cycles:) I definatly have some work to do.


the mostly reverend said...

i didn't get on the rehab trike this time around, although it IS poised and ready in the front is also stuck in the snow.

the kegcycle is nice. i expect we'll see it with knobbies at some point?

Travel Gravel said...