Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NAHBS 2008...Oh So HOT!

Lots of SAWHEAT PIECES OF STEEL, CARBON, TI AND MANY OTHERS...looks like next years show could be in held in Indianapolis, Indiana...if so we need a carpool:) Over 2000 photos here...hope you have lots of fuck off time cause there is so much bueaty here your going to need a few days. This weekend is Frost Bike up in Bloomington Mn...if you haven't been you should go....lots and lots of cool new goods too view along with exelent schwag give aways. I would love to go but its just not in my future...unless someone is going up for Sat. only and has room?? Anybody??

Riding home this afternoon...should be interesting....the drive in was...



jason said...

man, I should have never opened that link! better than free porn! ha. I only looked at a few dozen and want to sell my posessions and buy new bikes.

riding tomorrow?

Squirrel said...

riding home for sure, lets hook up:)


jason said...

sweet. I'll be at the bridge about 5:50am, then again about 4:00pm, but could leave a bit early for some ridin' etc.!

jason said...

cold ass commute this a.m.!

are you riding home? if so, let me know what time you'll be at the bridge.


Andy said...

Hey look, I'm Squirrel chasing in the new picture.

2drunk2shift said...

I can't belive I missed you. Babycakes and I were all the way from Virginia. How fuckin sweet was all that steel.
It got me hankerin for wheels that I don't need.