Friday, January 18, 2008

First Tracks for the 2nd Time

Johnny and I got out at 4pm to lay first tracks through half of Denmans. Talk about feeling like a couple 6yr olds.....we laughed the whole way back as its still nothing but ice under that 4inches of powder:) Once out we rode up to Johns house then I bailed heading to the Thee Orphanage too see the banged up Rev.....but he wasn't home.....maybe he talked Gpickle into pulling him around for a ride:)

Hilly Hundy is still on mates, I don't give a shit if its 10 degrees out....may not do the hilly route but I will throw down a hundy......let us pray to thee Cycling Gods for cold and wind.



jason said...

damn that looks fuuuuun!

see you boys soon. peace.

S.Fuller said...

Not getting the miles in I wanted. Hopefully next weekend is no man left behind. :) Think I'm gonna hit the trainer for a couple of hours on Saturday.

Squirrel said...

most def. no man left behind:)


Buckshot77 said...

Sounds like we might not be riding tomorrow if it's still pure ice underneath!

Anonymous said...

I've been silently planning on a 100 for next weekend as well. Right now it looks to be 25degrees with wind from the NW on Saturday the 26th. I was thinking of riding towards 7oaks and back. I'll be in touch as I could use some partners.

Tom (Iowagriz)